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Capital Credits Unclaimed Funds List

Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative is attempting to locate the following people (or their heirs) who received service from the cooperative prior to 2018. Patronage capital refund checks were mailed to the following people listed, but the checks were returned to Lorain-Medina Rural Electric as undeliverable or were never cashed.

The cooperative is aware that many of the former members listed are deceased. However, we are looking for surviving family members who are eligible to receive the capital credits check. Due the federal privacy regulations "Red Flag rules," the cooperative can only provide account information to the member, surviving spouse or legally-documented fiduciary (executor or trustee). If this is the case, please forward your Letter of Authority and a photocopy of the death certificate to the cooperative's office.

Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative
Attn: Capital Credits
P.O. Box 158
Wellington, OH 44090

If you need to update your address, please visit "Change of Address" form to submit your information. All address change submissions must be in writing or sent electronically.

According to the cooperative's Code of Regulations, this list must be published twice. If the cooperative is not able to locate these people within 60 days of the second notice, the member will relinquish rights to the funds.

20Th Century Mach. & Tool
21St Homes Inc.
44025 State LLC
7-7 Inc.
A & B Sports Cards
A & G Development
A & S Enterprises
A T & T Co. L410W
Abair, Michael P.
Abatsas, Nick
Abbey, David A.
Abbott, George J. Jr
Abbott, Roy L.
Abel, Jack A.
Aberegg, James J.
Abn, Amro
Abram, Michael P.
Abram, Reigh B.
Acker, Ralph L.
Ackim, Kevin T.
Acord, Jason R.
Acord, Shawn W.
Adam, Steve D.
Adams, Dawn M.
Adams, Grace H.
Adams, Jeffrey J.
Adams, Kimberly A.
Adams, Larry E.
Adams, Mary
Adams, Mike
Adams, Steve D.
Adams, Teresa E.
Adams, Timothy
Adams, Tom P.
Adamson, Robert L.
Adinolfi, Martin V.
Adkins, Ashley E.
Adkins, Basil
Adkins, Claudia C.
Adkins, Franklin D.
Adkins, Gary D.
Adkins, Gary L.
Adkins, Huston
Adkins, Karma
Adkins, Larry A.
Adkins, Larry F.
Adkins, Lillian J.
Adkins, Marianne
Adkins, Mike R.
Adkins, Orbie D.
Adkins, Randy D.
Adkins, Roger
Adkins, William
Adoni, Andrea M.
Agurkis, Frank M.
Ahern, Angela R.
Aikman, Robert
Akers, Amber L.
Akers, Danny
Albaugh, Raymond E.
Albert, Ernest
Albright, Dallas R.
Aldrich, D. R.
Aldrich, Margaret
Alexander, Douglas P.
Alexander, Jim L.
Alexander, Keith R.
Alexander, Renita
Alfaro, Marilu R.
Alfredo, Paul
Alheit, Gary G.
Aliff, Chris M.
Alkire, James L.
All American Hms Of In LLC
All States Electric Co.
Allemeier, H. H.
Allen, Ashley N.
Allen, Jason
Allen, Paul B.
Allen, Paul D.
Allen, Pearly S.
Allen, Risa L.
Allen, Selina N.
Allen, Susan D.
Allen, Virginia L.
Allen, William M.
Aller, Ronald F.
Allis, John C.
Allison, Harry R.
Allman, Ted G.
Alloway, Hazel
Allread, Alexis M.
Althaus, Timothy D.
Alton, Mary C.
Alward, Bernice M.
Amato, Debra
Ambler, Steven M.
Ambrose, Grace
Ambrose, Properties
American Cleaning System
American Gen Finance Inc.
American General Finance
American Pride Services
Ameritech Cellular Serv.
Amerla, Sheila K.
Amheiser, Paul H.
Amidi, Sefedin
Amstutz, Kenneth L.
Andel, Richard
Anderson, Albert J.
Anderson, Christine M.
Anderson, Dale F.
Anderson, Edna C.
Anderson, Erik C.
Anderson, Inell
Anderson, James R.
Anderson, Jeff D.
Anderson, John G.
Anderson, Kenneth R.
Anderson, Leonard
Anderson, Phyllis
Anderson, Randall C.
Anderson, Robert J.
Anderson, Robert W.
Anderson, Robin
Anderson, Sheryl A.
Anderson, Stephen M.
Anderson, Susan L.
Anderson, Wayne T.
Anderson, Wilma M.
Andos, Nick
Andras, Susan M.
Andrekovic, Alanna M.
Andres, Debbie L.
Andrews, H. W.
Andrews, Stephen E.
Andrews, William
Angeloff, Mary
Angle, Jack
Annach, Arthur C.
Ansell, Tom W.
Anthony, Jeffrey L.
A-Ok, Mechanical LLC
A-One Floor Service
Apel, Lindsey A.
Apostolic Lighthouse
Applebee, William F.
Arbogast, Cheryl
Archer, Beth M.
Archer, Richard A.
Archer, Shirley
Archer, Shirley J.
Archer, Thomas B.
Argenti, Nicole A.
Arko, Kristen A.
Arlt, Eric R.
Arman, N Jean
Armbruster, John J.
Armstrong, Charles B.
Armstrong, Courtny A.
Armstrong, Janis M.
Armstrong, Robert B.
Armstrong, Violet
Arndt, Beatrice M.
Arnett, Charles E.
Arnold, Chris A.
Arnold, Deborah E.
Arnold, Douglas D.
Arnold, Zachary M.
Arntzen, Dennis P.
Arters, Nicolas V.
Artler, Dale W.
Artrip, Tony H.
A-S Energy
Asberry, Sandra M.
Ash, Conley
Ash, James
Ashby, Vivian K.
Ashdown, Florence M.
Askew, James R.
Aslaksen, Dale A.
Aspery, Mary
Atassi Inc.
Atkins, Patricia A.
Atkinson, Terry N.
Atterson, Harvey L.
Attkisson, Robert C.
Atwood Resources
Atwood, Michael D.
Auble, Evelyn M.
Auble, Larry L.
Auble, Leonard L.
Augustine, Ronald R.
Ault, Mike R.
Aunt, Nettie'S
Ausmus, Harvey L.
Austin, Joann
Austin, Robert E.
Auto Parts St-Wd Rt60
Auto, Heaven
A'Versa, Jessica J.
Avon 440 Inc
Avon Lake LLC
Avsec, Martin J.
Ayers, Kenneth C.
B & L Timber Co Inc.
B & L Timber Co.
B & S Energy Ltd
B F Investment
B O G Construction Inc.
B R D R F Hog Feeders
B S Properties Ltd
B T O Services
Baatz, Ida M.
Babb, Brian A.
Babcock, Naomi C.
Babitt, Virginia
Bable, Donald E.
Bac Field Services
Bachman, Russ A.
Bachmann, George R.
Bachna, Joseph R.
Backensto, Shannon E.
Bader, Steve J.
Bady, Paul T.
Baechle, Elizabeth
Baginski, Realty
Bagnall, Leigh S.
Bahr, Jeffrey W.
Baich, James P.
Baier, Bobbie
Bailes, Mark E.
Bailey, Fred O.
Bailey, Jerry C.
Bailey, Norman
Bailey, Robert E. Jr
Bailey, Ronald C.
Bailey, Rosa E.
Bailey, Stacie L.
Bain, James S.
Bainbridge, Kim J.
Baines, Sharon L.
Bair, Leonard A.
Bair, Timothy J.
Baird, Elnora W.
Baird, Phillip A. Jr
Baisden, Leon K.
Baker, Benson D.
Baker, Brian C.
Baker, Carl M.
Baker, Christin M.
Baker, Cody
Baker, David R.
Baker, Deborah
Baker, Henry J. Jr
Baker, James A.
Baker, James R.
Baker, Jeff G.
Baker, Kathy J.
Baker, Keith A.
Baker, Pearl A.
Baker, Robert J.
Baker, Sean W.
Baker, Terence R.
Baker, Thomas J.
Baker, Timothy L.
Baker, William
Baksa, Ethel L.
Baldauf, Craig W.
Baldwin, Deborah E.
Bales, Robert G.
Ballachino, April K.
Ballachino, Robert T.
Ballard, Dave W.
Ballard, Lisa E.
Ballard, Thomas S.
Ballek, Steve J.
Bally, David W.
Balogh, David L.
Balzer, Janet L.
Banal, Barry C.
Banal, Michele A.
Banc Plus
Bancohio National Bank
Banh, Leather
Bank Of America
Bank, One Na
Banks, Deborah E.
Banks, Donald J.
Banks, Maurice F. Jr
Banks, Patricia J.
Banks, Richard C.
Banks, Scott O.
Banks, Thomas E.
Bannworth, Nicholas J.
Barba-Willis, Carolina O.
Barber, James R.
Barber, Rita A.
Barco, Chad T.
Barcus, John R.
Barden, James F. Sr
Barden, Steven T.
Bardzilouskas, Borris J.
Bargain, Bill's
Barilla, Jeanie J.
Barker, Lowell E.
Barker, Melissa L.
Barker, Timothy A.
Barkley, Anne R.
Barlow, Don
Barnes, Daniel A.
Barnes, Gary P.
Barnes, Gregory A.
Barnes, Heather M.
Barnes, Joan
Barnes, Leland
Barnes, Robert N.
Barnett, Nancy R.
Barnett, Nicole
Barnthouse, Amber
Barnum, Rosemary T.
Baron, Ronald
Barr, Gary S.
Barr, Harry L.
Barres, Robert G.
Barrett Electrical
Barrett, George
Barrett, Lisa M.
Barrett, Paul
Barrett, Stephen J.
Barris, Dan S.
Barris, Doug J.
Barris, Douglas J.
Barsic, Leonard
Bartek, Francis A.
Barth, Howard J.
Bartish, Norma J.
Barton, Berlie L.
Bartoto, Edward D.
Bartoto, Michael A.
Bartram, James A.
Bartsch, Charles J.
Bartsch, James J.
Bartus, Helen
Barylski, Peggy A.
Bashham's Kennels
Bassett, James R.
Bassett, Sherrie L.
Bateman, Donald M.
Bateman, Lynn C.
Bates, Barbara D.
Bates, Calvin M.
Bates, Christina M.
Bates, Dorothea E.
Bates, Megan M.
Batton, John T.
Bauer, David A.
Baughman, Betty L.
Baughman, Dennis A.
Baughman, James O.
Baughman, Jane N.
Baughman, Jimmy D.
Baumbarger, Randolph B.
Baumgartner, Christine
Baumgartner, Martha
Bays, Justin R.
Beadle, Joseph T.
Beagle, R Roger
Beagle, Roy T.
Beal, Helen
Beal, Samuel T.
Bealer, Mary L.
Beall, Charles
Bean, Francis A.
Bean, Pamela J.
Bean, Richard S.
Beane, Roger E.
Beane, Tim R.
Beard, Richard D.
Beard, Robert B.
Beaton, Robert A.
Beatty, Leslie L.
Beatty, Thomas D.
Bechtol, Patricia J.
Becka, Robert L.
Becker, Andrew P.
Becker, Bryan S.
Becker, Emil
Becker, Emil W.
Becker, Robert J.
Becker, William
Beckett, Gary L.
Beckett, Greg D.
Beckwith, Robert
Bednar, James E.
Beduhn, Catherine
Beebe, Mary E.
Beeching, Patrick M.
Beese, Howard W.
Began, Raymond E.
Began, Richard M.
Behlke, Dorothy I.
Behner, Florence
Behner, Micaelle L.
Beiser, Steven E.
Belcore, Clarence C. Jr
Belknap, Denver
Bell, Adonis L.
Bell, Donald A.
Bell, Eloise
Bell, James H.
Bell, John D.
Bell, Julie L.
Bell, Kimberly A.
Bell, Mary L.
Bellamy, Warren C.
Bellian, Dave A.
Bendal, Cetin
Bender, Brian J.
Bender, Edward W.
Bendura, John P.
Benedict, Michael J.
Benefit, William
Benetis, Bridget C.
Benko, Betty J.
Benner, George F.
Bennett, Baker
Bennett, Frank R. Jr
Bennett, Melissa D.
Bennett, Robert J.
Bennett, Sara
Bennett, Stephen M.
Bennett, Tim P.
Benson, Debra L.
Benson, Gerry T.
Benson, James H.
Bentley, Patrick J.
Benyo, John
Benyo, Patricia Y.
Beres, William L.
Berg, Donald
Berg, Nancy
Bergan, Beth
Berger, Benjamin J.
Bergman, Larry E.
Berkey, Michael W.
Berkheimer, Glenda J.
Bernath, Rebecca S.
Berner, Edwin
Berry, Christina
Berry, Duane L.
Berry, Ken V.
Berry, Melissa A.
Berry, Richard L.
Bertuzzi, Joseph D.
Bessmer, Ii Charles W.
Best, Christoph Er
Betsa, Jeremy J.
Bevelacqua, Michelle
Bewley, James W.
Beyman, Debra
Biacsi, Amber R.
Bias, Danny
Bias, Larry D.
Bias, Ryan R.
Bias, Shawn
Bias, Tammy
Bibbee, Erlinda M.
Bibbs, Frances E.
Bible, Jane M.
Bican, Tanya L.
Biddinger, Gary L.
Biddinger, Rebecca
Biddingerr, Larry A.
Biedron, Mark A.
Bieri, Daniel L.
Bigelow, Oliver
Biggs, Brad G.
Bigley, Doyle W.
Bigley, Edward G.
Bigley, Melinda E.
Bigley, Richard R.
Bilby, Mary Ann
Billick, Joseph P.
Billman, Barbara
Billman, Debbie
Billy, Nick M.
Billy, William J.
Bilow, Jerald W.
Bing, Richard W.
Bingham, John J.
Binnie, Donald
Birch, Joseph P.
Bischoff, Margaret V.
Bish, Patricia
Bishop Pizza Ltd
Bishop Realty
Bishop, Elmer L.
Bishop, Eric S.
Bishop, John P.
Bishop, William E.
Bislich, Jeanne A.
Bistline, David S.
Biszantz, Cathy L.
Bittersweet Farm
Bittman, John J.
Bittner, Robert G.
Bixler, Peggy A.
Black & Decker
Black River Oil
Black, Alberta
Black, Alberta K.
Black, Bryan K.
Black, Craig A.
Black, Ross R.
Black, Timothy A.
Black, Wayne
Black, Wendi L.
Blackburn, Andrew P.
Blackburn, David A.
Blackburn, Mark A.
Blackburn, Roberta L.
Blackert, Matthew C.
Blackford, Gary
Blackford, Mark L.
Blackhall, Joan B.
Blackman, Stephen A.
Blackstone, Franklin A.
Blaha, Edwin J.
Blake, Charles L.
Blake, Debra J.
Blake, Diana C.
Blake, Ellen
Blakeslee, Jason S.
Blankenship, Lori M.
Blankenship, Peggy J.
Blansit, Nolan W.
Blanton, Darren
Blasius, Anne
Blasius, J.
Blaylock, Garland E.
Blechschmidt, Wm E.
Blessing, Chelsea A.
Blevins, Floyd
Blevins, Kenneth
Blewitt, Paul E. Jr
Blm Companies Llc
Bloodhart, Bonita R.
Bloom, April N.
Bloom, Kathleen A.
Bloor, Kathleen
Blough, Floyd F.
Blowout, Video
Blum, Norman E.
Boardman, Nora J.
Bob, Miller Realty
Bockmore, David M.
Bockmore, Justin M.
Boden, Beth
Bodman, Myron J.
Bodnar, Joseph F.
Bodner, Alan S.
Boebinger Realtors
Boesche, Denise R.
Boetticher, Justin M.
Boggs, Acie L.
Boggs, Delbert
Boggs, Estill G.
Boggs, Sandra F.
Boggs, Tom
Boggs, Tommy C.
Bohac, Denise A.
Bohland, Louise C.
Bohland, Phillip
Boise, Leonard N.
Bokar, James C.
Boland, Betty A.
Boland, Richard F.
Bolden, Curtis
Bolden, Jimmy E.
Bolden, Leoma
Bolden, Leona J.
Bolette, William L.
Boley, Lynette
Bolf, Larry S.
Bolitho, Patricia
Bollin, James W.
Bollin, Tonya M.
Bolt, Vivian J.
Bolton, Judy C.
Bolton, Steven L.
Bolyard, David A.
Bombaugh, Charles T.
Bond, Gilbert J.
Bonfiglio, Richard E.
Bonness, William F.
Bonnette, David G.
Bonnie J. Dowdell Trust
Boodjeh-Smith, Cynthia J.
Book, Market
Boose, Daniel A.
Booth, William
Boothe, Dennis S.
Boothe, Mary E.
Booze, Wilbur E.
Boozer, Steve D.
Boreman, Joseph R.
Boreman, Paul D.
Boreman, Phyllis M.
Borer, Dave D.
Borger, Kathleen
Borlie, Mini L.
Born, Erica R.
Boroff, Brad J.
Boros, Frank
Borsuk, Leon
Borsz, Thomas J.
Boryk, Althea
Borzy, Lisa M.
Borzy, Valerie N.
Bosak, Brandon P.
Boshek, Susan
Boskovitch, Colleen
Boskovitch, Joan
Bosse Services Llc
Bost, Carla J.
Bostik, Susan
Botamer, Tim P.
Botnick, Realty
Bott, Linda C.
Bouchonville, Philip
Boudinot, Denise L.
Boult, Dr. C.
Bounce, Dustin J.
Bounds, Richard L.
Bousek, Jacob
Bousek, John A.
Bouvier, Jill R.
Bouvier, Linda C.
Bovee, Paula
Bowen, Elizabeth H.
Bowen, Maxine
Bowen, Timothy A.
Bower, Jeffrey S.
Bowersock, Kristine A.
Bowling, Ernie W.
Bowman, Dennison
Bowman, Ronald R.
Bowman, Rose
Boyan, Aekam B.
Boyd, Blaine B.
Boyd, Harry W.
Boyd, Mary M.
Boyd, Ronald C.
Boyer, Jean
Boyes, Michael L.
Boyle, Timothy R.
Bozek, Dennis A.
Bozic, Avis A.
BP Oil Company 05134
Bracken, Michael T.
Bracken, William H.
Brackney, Charles E.
Brada, Richard A.
Bradford Estate
Bradford, Kathy
Bradick, Jerry S.
Bradley, James J.
Bradley, Jerry L.
Bradley, Loraine E.
Bradley, Patricia J.
Bradshaw, Frank L.
Bradstock, Harry C.
Brady, Jacory
Brady, Sandra
Bragg, Clarence O. Jr
Braid, Gordon G.
Brainard Corp.
Bramel, Randy W.
Bramley, Charlene
Bramwell, Thomas M.
Branaghan, Russell J.
Brand, Sherman W.
Brandenburg, Brad A.
Brasee, Catrina A.
Bray, Melissa M.
Breads, Gerald E.
Breneman, Christin M.
Brennan, Ruth A.
Brennan, Sean M.
Brenner, Beverly S.
Brenning, Delores
Brentlinger, Deborah L.
Brenza, James A.
Brestovansky, Richard F.
Bretti, John R. Jr
Bretti, Laura J.
Breunig, Kurt A.
Brewer, Barbara A.
Brewer, Larry R.
Brewer, Sandra
Brewer, Stacy
Brewer, Susan M.
Brewer, Thomas E.
Breyley, Beulah
Brianas, Gregory A.
Brice, Albert A.
Briches, Guy R.
Bricker, Diane
Bricker, Helen J.
Bricker, Robbie L.
Briggs, Jason R.
Briggs, Thelma L.
Brinker, Brad K.
Brinker, Dennis C.
Brinker, Gladys
Broadsword, Donna I.
Broadview Savings & Loan
Broadwater, Melinda M.
Brock, Ken R.
Brock, Kenneth L.
Brockway, Ruth
Brodbeck, Jennifer
Broeckel, Michael J.
Brogado, Jeffrey M.
Brooks, Brothers
Brooks, Chris R.
Brooks, Chris T.
Brooks, Frances E.
Brooks, Glenn R.
Brooks, Janet V.
Brooks, Kevin D.
Brooks, Loretta S.
Brooks, Marlene R.
Brooks, Otis C.
Brooks, Ruth
Brooks, Sheryl A.
Brookshire, Bill T.
Brookshire, Melissa A.
Broome, David A.
Broome, Nancy K.
Brotherton, Jack S.
Brouse, Steven E.
Browand, Dennis A.
Browand, Dennis H.
Brown Group Retail
Brown, Alfred C. Jr
Brown, Barbara J.
Brown, Brent M.
Brown, Curtis L.
Brown, Dana L.
Brown, David J.
Brown, Dixon J.
Brown, E. M.
Brown, Harry P.
Brown, James F.
Brown, James M.
Brown, James T.
Brown, Jeffrey A. Sr
Brown, Joel L.
Brown, John R.
Brown, Judith A.
Brown, Lewis H. Jr
Brown, Luella
Brown, Mandy A.
Brown, Marie
Brown, Marvin J.
Brown, Michael E.
Brown, Nancy L.
Brown, Okey D.
Brown, Randi S.
Brown, Rose
Brown, Rose M.
Brown, Sandi A.
Brown, Steve F.
Brown, Trula G.
Brown, William D.
Brown, William J.
Browning, James C.
Brubaker, Charles
Brubaker, Howard
Brubaker, Joe A.
Brumbaugh, Martha J.
Brunger, Gordon H.
Brunson, Linda
Bryant, Brenda L.
Bryant, John W.
Bryant, Lanny
Bryant, Lissie
Bryant, Roger L.
Bryant, Vincent P.
Bryant, Virginia
Bryden, Dennis J.
Bryenton Road Invest
Bryte, Kelly
Bucci, Gene A.
Buch, Harry D.
Buchanan, Eddie R.
Buchanan, Eddie R. Jr
Buchanan, James D.
Buchanan, Jane
Buchanan, Roger R.
Buchanan, Roma T.
Buchdrucker, Joseph F.
Bucher, Charles R.
Buchs, James
Buchs, Norman R.
Buckbee, Russell A.
Buckingham, Lawrence
Buckingham, Richard
Buckland, Kristie M.
Buckland, Randy L.
Buckland, Steven P.
Buckles, Dale G.
Buckner, Carl W.
Buckner, William R.
Buczyna, Lorraine O.
Buczyna, Richard A.
Buderer, Winifred
Buehler, Larry A.
Buehler, Patricia A.
Buffington, Jackie D.
Buffington, Robbie A.
Bullock, Homer
Bullock, Terry L.
Bunch, Debbie
Bundy, Lance D.
Bungard, Thomas L.
Bungard, William
Bunting, Charles D.
Burba, C. J.
Burbank Comm Action Group
Burbank Fire Dept
Burch, Sherry L.
Burden, Buddy M.
Burdette, Robert J.
Burdick, Tabby M.
Bureau Of Tech Services
Buren, Teara D.
Bures, Dorothy
Burge, James V.
Burgess, Angela M.
Burgess, Arnold C.
Burgess, Joyce A.
Burgess, Lisa D.
Burgess, Mikayla S.
Burgess, William E.
Burianek Construction
Burke, Bruce B.
Burke, Harry R.
Burke, Michael
Burkett, Dawn M.
Burkett, Mike J.
Burkhammer, Jesse
Burkhart, Tim T.
Burkitt, Donald J.
Burmeister, John C.
Burnett, Carlene J.
Burnett, Clarence A.
Burnett, Clarence V.
Burnett, Michael W.
Burnheimer, Helen E.
Burnheimer, Philip
Burns, Janice
Burns, T. I.
Burress, Brandi R.
Bursley, Jack E.
Bursley, Melvin
Burt, Cheryl
Burt, Thad E.
Burton, James A.
Burton, Sherry L.
Burton, Terrence R.
Burtze, Gerald R.
Burwell, Connie J.
Busch, John E.
Bush, Heather N.
Busler, John A.
Buss, Joshua M.
Busser, Richard L.
Bustamante, Joseph T.
Buswell, Glenn
Butchar, Mary
Butchar, Stanley
Butcher, Cristine M.
Butcher, Dallas T.
Butcher, Garnet J.
Butcher, Michael A.
Butcher, Victoria E.
Buterbaugh, Cheryl A.
Butler, Dan M.
Butler, Holly L.
Butler, Jeff M.
Butler, Jon F.
Butler, Oscar V.
Butler, Owen C.
Butler, Robert D.
Butler, Suzie A.
Butt, Glenn
Butternut Auto Parts & Wreck
Butternut Auto Wrecking
Buttler Concessions
Buxton, Alice J.
Buxton, Raymond G.
Buydos, Michael J.
Byers, Sharon M.
Byers, Vicki A.
Bynum, Joe T.
Byrd, Lester
Byrd, Raymond
Byrd, Roland D.
C I T Fin Services
C J #1 Enterprises
C L B Builders Inc.
C R Beans Llc
Cadman, Harry E. Jr
Cadman, Robert E.
Cain, Christoph L.
Cain, Floyd
Cain, Roy Ii
Cain, Roy Sr
Calabro, Carmine P.
Caldwell, Shirley J.
Calendar Club #0516
Call, Andrew A.
Callicoat, George F.
Callison, Cheryl L.
Calvin, Smith
Cambridge Hm Hlth 
Cammarano, Rhonda L.
Cammarn, Janice
Camp, David A.
Camp, Shannon D.
Campana, Kenneth T.
Campbell, Allen G.
Campbell, Anna M.
Campbell, Christoph J.
Campbell, David B.
Campbell, Gregory S.
Campbell, John P.
Campbell, Kimberly S.
Campbell, Larry E.
Campbell, Laura M.
Campbell, Lester G.
Campbell, Marie A.
Campbell, Timothy N.
Campbell, W L.
Campbell, William
Campo, Dominic
Canada, Shirley A.
Canfield, Barbara J.
Canfield, Carol J.
Cannon, Shannon P.
Cannon, Terri L.
Cantabrana, Krystine E.
Cantleberry, Lee
Canton Oil Well Serv.
Cantrell, Mary M.
Cantrill, Charlene T.
Canup, James Csr
Capacity Inc.
Capasso, Karen A.
Capretta, Geneva
Cardinal Fed Savgs
Carey, Charles J.
Carey, Douglas E.
Carey, Hilda
Caris, Ronald W.
Carl, Charles L.
Carl, Debora A.
Carl, Earl E.
Carlberg, Laurie J.
Carlisle, Ethel
Carlisle, Glenn R.
Carlo, Louis D.
Carlson, Carl M.
Carlson, Jessica M.
Carlson, Steven P.
Carlton, Dennis D.
Carman, C. F.
Carmen, Mona N.
Carney, Kafa
Carothers, Jack
Carpenter, Betty J.
Carpenter, Helen
Carpenter, Jac M. Jr
Carpenter, Kari Lynn
Carpenter, Marcia L.
Carpenter, Robert L.
Carpenter, Sandra L.
Carr, Argene C.
Carr, Charles E.
Carr, Kevin F.
Carr, Ruth
Carrasquillo, Nathan R.
Carroll, Brenda K.
Carroll, Nicholas A.
Carrothers, Gayle
Carruth, William C.
Carruthers, Joan M.
Carter, Barbara
Carter, Carlos R.
Carter, Charles
Carter, Chas C.
Carter, Christoph R.
Carter, Dallas V.
Carter, Gerri
Carter, Helen M.
Carter, Linda L.
Carter, Megan T.
Carter, Melissa A.
Carter, Roderick L.
Carter, Ron D.
Carter, Timothy J.
Carteret Federal Bank
Carter's Retail Inc.
Cartwright, Jonathon J.
Carver, Stephanie N.
Case, Andy Jr
Case, Matthew L.
Case, William
Casey, Cheryl L.
Casey, Heather R.
Casey, Jason A.
Cashell, Philip D.
Caso, Frank R.
Casper, Harold E.
Casper, Lawrence J.
Casper, Walter G.
Cassell, Raymond G.
Cassese, Michael
Cassidy, Richard B.
Casteel, Brenda S.
Casteel, Brian R.
Casteel, Debbie L.
Casteel, Kathy M.
Castle Mfg Homes Inc.
Castle, Lillie Ma E.
Castle, Nancy J.
Casual Male Retail Grp 4
Catalano, Richard J.
Catholic Ch Charities
Catron, Rena M.
Catteau, Wesley T.
Cauley, Vance J.
Cavallaro, Rick L.
Cavey, James F.
Cavin, Harold O.
Cawthon, Brian H.
Ccr Asphalt Mfg Ltd
Cendel Group
Central Mortgage
Century 21
Cepec, Fern W.
Cepec, Wanda E.
Cepik, Jessica M.
Cerny, Daniel R.
Cesare, Roxanne B.
Cessna, John C.
Chada, Christina M.
Chaffin, Charles R.
Chaffin, Jena B.
Chafin, Dwayne A.
Chait, Dale A.
Chalfant, Sue A.
Chambers, Bill A. Jr
Chambers, Earl J.
Chambers, Robert L.
Chambers, Robert S.
Champe, Stacey
Chancey, Shelby D.
Chandler, Aaron J.
Chandler, David
Chandley, Bobbie B.
Chandley, Brian A.
Chaney, John S. Jr
Channel, Quintin E.
Chaphe, Harold D.
Chapin-Fowler, Heather R.
Chapman, Douglas A.
Chapman, Karen L.
Chapman, Larry J.
Chapman, Ronald J.
Chapman, Sharon L.
Charkosky, David E.
Charlton, Donald R.
Charlton, John M. Jr
Charter Realty
Chase Home Financing
Chase, Cynthia G.
Chase, Helen
Chatham, John D.
Chatham, Video
Chavez, Mildred
Chavez, Mildred M.
Chechitelli, John T.
Chekey, Steven D.
Chester, Cheryl S.
Chester, Jack
Chester, Victoria
Chevalier, Samuel F.
Childers, Evelyn E.
Childs, Wayne K.
Chisar, Steven A.
Chismar, John
Choma, Frank Z.
Choo-Cho Hobbies
Chrislip, Scott D.
Christ, Charles L.
Christenson, Katherine S.
Christian, Barbara S.
Christian, Dan C.
Christian, John C.
Christian, Mary E.
Christian, Rufus R. Jr
Christine, Thomas S.
Christopher, Edna
Christopher, Kevin C.
Christopher, Mary
Chronister, Hugh
Church, Nicole L.
Churpek, Richard T.
Ciazynski, Louis
Cicone, Betty A.
Ciesielski, Carolyn A.
Ciesielski, John
Cieura, Tom S.
Cihlar, Charles J.
Cikunczuk, Daniel J.
Cintula, Charles J.
Cintula, Joseph R. Jr
Cintula, Mary H.
Cisman, Sheryl L.
Citi Mortgage Inc.
Citizen's Home Savings
City Loan Financial Svs.
Cityfed Mortgage Co.
Cityside Management Corp.
Clagg, Charles
Claire's Boutique #6313
Clanin, Ernest D. Sr
Clapper, Rick M.
Clark, Andrea N.
Clark, Brad W.
Clark, Christopher E.
Clark, Donald C.
Clark, Donald P.
Clark, Duane C.
Clark, Ethel J.
Clark, Gayle A.
Clark, James M.
Clark, Jim W.
Clark, John C.
Clark, Laura L.
Clark, Mark A.
Clark, Ozel
Clark, Robert W.
Clark, Ronald K. Sr
Clark, Stacey A.
Clark, Tiffany A.
Clark, Virginia
Clark, William
Clark, William H.
Clausen, Mary L.
Clawson, Allen E.
Clay, Judy
Clayburn, Oliver F.
Claypool, Tolliver
Clayton, Shirley
Clem, Joretta
Clemens, Jeffrey A.
Clement, Alice F.
Clement, Cynthia K.
Clement, Daniel S.
Clement, Rita C.
Clemento, Virginia J.
Clements, Gary K.
Cleugh, Dale E.
Cleugh, Mark A.
Cleveland Smoothies
Cleveland, Shari
Clifford, Beverly J.
Clifford, William
Cline, Brian M.
Cline, Christine
Cline, Flora M.
Clogg, Shirley
Close, Carol S.
Closky, Sharon L.
Closson, Ben H.
Clotts, Elizabeth
Cloud, Elinore J.
Clouser, Isabelle
Clouser, Roger G.
Coach, Inc
Coates, Earl
Cobble, Pemley
Cochran, Michael
Cockerille, L. L.
Codrington, Richard A.
Coffee, Dennis C. Jr
Coffee, Fred R.
Coffey, Patricia L.
Coffey, Richard A.
Coffman, Brian E.
Coffman, Lawrence V. Jr
Cogar, Bill C.
Cogar, Cheryl A.
Cogar, Crystal L.
Cogar, Doy E.
Cogar, James R.
Cogar, Martha
Coker, Gabrielle M.
Colangelo, Steven
Colbert, Benjamin G.
Coldwell Banker
Coldwell Banker Realty
Cole, Dale
Cole, John R.
Cole, Richard E. Jr
Cole, Row
Cole, Sandy L.
Coleman, Anthony S.
Coleman, Cathy
Coleman, Craig A.
Coleman, Curtis E.
Coleman, David W.
Coleman, Diane L.
Coleman, Gary D.
Coleman, Kenneth L.
Coleman, Tina C.
Coleman, Tyron D.
Coley, Dale M.
Coley, William M.
Colgan, Howard F.
Collingwood, Mrs R.
Collins, Barry E.
Collins, Dawn M.
Collins, Dennis L.
Collins, Gary J.
Collins, Lena S.
Collins, Martin J.
Collins, Patricia A.
Collins, Sharon
Collins, William G.
Collman, Todd L.
Colony Mortgage Corp.
Colorito, Frank Jr
Colorito, Harry J.
Colours & Scents #512
Columbus, Richard L.
Colwell, David J.
Combs, Alex I.
Combs, David M. II
Combs, Donald
Combs, Leta D.
Combs, Terry A.
Comeau, James
Comeau, Patrick J.
Comer, John C.
Comer, Roseanne
Comerford, Michael J.
Commery, Maureen P.
Company, Ronald E.
Compton, Margaret
Compton, Robert E. Jr
Comstock, Sandy K.
Conant, Nancy J.
Conaway, Paul T.
Conaway, Scott J.
Confer, William D. III
Conlan, Mallory J.
Conley, Billy R.
Conley, Billy T.
Conley, Homer
Conley, Janet
Conley, Lisa C.
Conley, Mary A.
Conley, Patrick J.
Conley, Paul D.
Conley, Roy P.
Conley, Tim R.
Conn, Pat
Conn, Thomas D.
Connell, Elizabeth M.
Connell, Gary R.
Connell, James P.
Conrad, Bryan S.
Conrad, Carly S.
Conrad, Carol L.
Conrad, Debbie J.
Conrad, Lorena R.
Conrail Corp.
Constantino, Lisa G.
Contreras, Jonathan C.
Contreras, Julie
Contreras, Michael L.
Conway, Shawn P.
Conway, Steven M.
Cook, Clyde C.
Cook, Curtis A.
Cook, Donald G.
Cook, Dwain E.
Cook, Eddie L.
Cook, Gregory L.
Cook, Irene
Cook, James E.
Cook, Jeffrey S.
Cook, Rick G.
Cooke, Bernice L.
Cooksey, Michael T.
Cool, Del J.
Cool, Robert H.
Cool, Steven C.
Cooley, Craig L.
Cooper, Arthur E.
Cooper, Kenneth W.
Cooper, Linda M.
Cooper, Oyd C.
Cooper, Robert L.
Copley, Cecil
Copley, Norma J.
Copp, Virginia H.
Corcoran, Scott E.
Corlett, Bruce A.
Corley, Lynda J.
Cornell, David I.
Cornish, Ilene
Cornish, James
Cornwall, Harryette E.
Corpus, Peter G.
Corraini, Dana A.
Correll, Marjorie E.
Correll, Rodney E.
Corrin, Joshua E.
Corron, Linda M.
Cosner, Lynne D.
Costanzo, Theresa
Costello, Anthony
Costello, Richard A.
Cotner, Helen R.
Cottom, John E.
Cotton, Tina M.
Cotton, W. F.
Cottrell, Faith
Cottrell, Lisa A.
Cottrell, Michael A.
Cottrill, Linda
Country Corner
Country Porch Homes
Country Snak Shak
Country Stage
Country Tyme Inc.
Countrytyme Lodi Ltd
Countrywide Home Loans
Countrywide Mortgage
County Fair Antiques
Coursen, Wilma A.
Courts, Deborah J.
Cover, Chad L.
Cover, Christine M.
Cowan, Glen M.
Cowan, Jim
Cowan, Wayne E.
Cowhick, John E.
Cowie, Ruth E.
Cowley, Jean R.
Cowling, Amy M.
Cox, Luther C.
Coy, Daniel J.
Crabtree, Jean
Crabtree, Maxine M.
Crabtree, Michelle M.
Craddock, James L.
Craig, Heidi S.
Craig, Jacqueline L.
Craig, Richard A.
Cramer, Mary M.
Crandall, Charles
Crane, Gary
Crasi, Angelina M.
Crawford, Dawn M.
Crawford, Kevin M.
Crawford, Lorraine M.
Crawford, Madeline K.
Crawford, Ronald R.
Crawford, Tammie M.
Crawford, Tania D.
Creative Learning Academy
Creed, William
Crehore, Frank R.
Crepd LLC
Creswell, Charles
Creswell, Keith W.
Crickon, Harry
Crigger, Robert C.
Crisman, Brian D.
Criss, George H.
Criss, Mark A.
Crist, Ryan C.
Criswell, Terry L.
Crites, Arnett D.
Crites, Delmos R.
Crites, Heidi M.
Crites, James A.
Crites, Lenora A.
Crites, Ronnie
Crites, William
Criteser, Robert Jr
Criteser, Sandra K.
Cromer, Anna
Cromling, Jon R.
Crosby, Ralph L.
Crosby, Virginia G.
Cross, Debra L.
Cross, George D. II
Cross, Jamie C.
Cross, Jean C.
Crossen, Diana
Crossen, Ryan S.
Croston, Michael R.
Crouch, Jonathan W.
Crouse, Shelly R.
Crowder, Jesse
Crowder, Ricky L.
Crowl, Cliffard
Crowley, Ruth A.
Croxall, Grace C.
Crum, Adam J.
Crum, I. J.
Crum, Scott A.
Crum, Terry L.
Crumley, Darlene M.
Crumpler, David W.
Crumpler, Steven B.
Crumrine, Ruth L.
Crumrine, Terry
Crute, Michael E.
Cruz, Ray
Cseh, Janet E.
Cseko, Louis L.
Cullinan, Chad V.
Cumberland Const. Co.
Cumbo, John D.
Cumby, Cindy M.
Cunin, Desiree B.
Cunningham, Beverly A.
Cunningham, Deborah
Cunningham, Deborah A.
Cunningham, Michael L.
Cunningham, Willard
Currier, Ben E.
Currier, David L.
Currier, James
Curry, Jackie D.
Curry, Rhonda J.
Curtis, Jerry M. Jr
Curtiss, John K.
Curtiss, Kathryn M.
Curtiss, Kimberly J.
Curtiss, Sarah S.
Cusack, Timothy P.
Cusick, John F.
Cutlip, Michael R.
Cutright, Donald G.
Cutright, Gereta A.
Cutright, William O.
Cuyahoga Savings
Czajkowski, Lynn
D & S Appliance
D H & L Supply Inc.
D K & G S
Dabney, Leara R.
Daggett, Dennis L.
Daggs, Mary
Dague, Troy R.
Dailey, Robert D.
Daily, Joyce M.
Dains, Victor J.
Dakdouk, Rick E.
Dakdouk, Robert S.
Dakdouk, Sleiman G.
Dalessandro, Adna M.
Dalton, G Michael
Dalton, Warren B. Sr+B1535
Dalziel, Elizabeth
Damas, Richard
Damon, Robert J.
Damron, Jeremy Q.
Damron, Roy G.
Dani, Louis F.
Daniels, Barry C.
Daniels, David M.
Daniels, Donald H.
Daniels, Elsie
Daniels, Gail A.
Daniels, Harry L.
Daniels, John D.
Daniels, Melissa
Danielson, James M.
Danielson, Rodger P.
Danley, Paul R.
Dargo, Gerald P.
Darmstadt, David J.
Darmstadt, Richard
Darnell, Gary A.
Darnstadt, David J.
Darus, Walter N.
Daso, Georgia M.
Daugherty, James L.
Daugherty, John A. III
Daugherty, Lavon L.
David Shafer Oil Prod.
Davidson, Douglas J.
Davidson, Maria A.
Davies, Susan P.
Davis, Alvin M.
Davis, Amanda L.
Davis, Arthur H.
Davis, Bonnie L.
Davis, Chadwick E.
Davis, Crystal V.
Davis, Deborah F.
Davis, Demetria G.
Davis, Diana L.
Davis, Don L.
Davis, Donal M. Jr
Davis, Dorothy A.
Davis, Eugene W.
Davis, Gary W.
Davis, George
Davis, Gladys
Davis, Gordon
Davis, Joe E.
Davis, Keith A.
Davis, Kenneth B.
Davis, Mark A. Jr
Davis, Marvin O.
Davis, Max M.
Davis, Michael J.
Davis, Orlie E.
Davis, Robert
Davis, Robert Esr
Davis, Robert L.
Davis, Suzanne L.
Davis, William J.
Davison, William R.
Davisson, Alex H.
Dawson, Alfred L.
Dawson, Sue Ann
Day, Cynthia A.
Day, Florence M.
Daykin, Richard J. Jr
De, Arment Warren L.
De, Chant Megan R.
De, Lancy Pamela A.
De, Long Erika V.
De, Lucia Joseph L.
De, Marco Frank A.
De, Marco Noreen S.
De, Moss Dale I.
De, Moss Dorothy K.
De, Moss Katharina
De, Nicola Daniel J.
De, Witt Matthew C.
Deacon, John L.
Deamon, Michael J.
Dean Supply Outlet
Dean, Clell L.
Dean, Linda L.
Dean, Lois M.
Dean, Mary M.
Dean, Renee L.
Dean, Shannon
Dearth, Bradley A.
Deaton, George W.
Debro, William P.
Decker, Gregory M.
Decker, Lair
Dee, John J.
Deeds, Lewis D.
Deeks, Arthur H. Jr
Deel, Jesse L.
Deel, Virginia L.
Deem, Donald G.
Dees, Amanda G.
Dehart, James D.
Deidrick, Harold J.
Deidrick, Timothy A.
Del, Vecchio Joseph P.
Delano, Dean A.
Delciappo, Robin A.
Delco, Cleaning
Delic, Rosael
Delite+B1646 Outdoor Adv-Oh
Delk, Orien C.
Dellinger, Kim
Delozier, Kim
Dembia, Dennis D.
Dembie, Holly M.
DeMczyk, Frank T.
Demko, Thomas D.
Denbow, Beverly J.
Denbow, Kelly
Denbow, Robert
Dendinger, Donna M.
Denes, Ronald L.
Denger, Edward
Dennerll, Beverly M.
Denney, Jason D.
Dennis, Doreen S.
Dennis, Judy M.
Dennison, Tyler S.
Denny Bros Bldg Contrac
Denny, Annette
Denny, Barry G.
Depas, Greg K.
Deppen, John R.
Dept, Of Hud
Dereska, Joseph
Deri, Richard G.
Dermish, Abdulhaki M.
Derrick, Ben L. Jr
Derrow, Tyrone R.
Detamore, Kathleen S.
Detterman, Curt
Devereaux, John
Devereaux, John A. II
Dewey, Candace M.
Dewey, Charles L.
Dexter, Donna C.
Deyling, Duane L.
Dezso, Douglas J.
Di Christina Joseph J.
Di Perna Philip J.
Di Pietro Albert M.
Di Pietro James K.
Dial, Tony C.
Diarrassouba, Candi R.
Dias, Richard D.
Diaz, Rena M.
Dick, Robert E.
Dicken, Howard E. Jr
Dickens, Dennis B.
Dickens, Ruby M.
Dickenson, Ronald L.
Dickey, Jon J.
Dicrescenzo, Corrado
Diederich, Carl F.
Diederich, David M.
Dieruf, Jerry C.
Dieterich, Dale R.
Dietrich, Richard E.
Dietrich, Robert L.
Dietrich, Sandra J.
Dietry, Amber D.
Dietry, William L.
Dietz, Robert G.
Digby, Kevin R.
Dilello, Michael E.
Dill, Ray
Dillard, Howard
Dillard, Nadene
Dillard, William G.
Dillen, David C.
Dillman, Robert B.
Dillon, Calvin D.
Dillon, John E.
Dillon, Martin L.
Dillon, Russell E.
Dilworth, William J. Jr
Dimitri, Kathryn A.
Dimmick, Kathleen
Dina, Allen
Diosy, Gary A.
Disler, Shelley A.
Diversified Aquisition
Dixon, Nathaniel
Dixon, Timothy D.
Dobush, James N.
Dock, Jeffrey M.
Docs, Steve M.
Docy, Stephen R.
Dodd, Eric L.
Dodge, Randolph E.
Dolan, Joan L.
Dolin, Kevin D.
Dome Drilling-Fran #5
Donham, Thomas G.
Donmoyer, Jillian M.
Donnellan, Ray J. Jr
Donnelly, Michael F.
Donnelly, Michelle R.
Donofrio, Anthony D.
Donovan, Elson J.
Donovan, Jerry
Don's Lawn & Garden Ctr.
Dooley, G David
Doran, Judy A.
Doran, Lawrence P.
Doran, Patricia A.
Doran, Patrick J.
Dorko, John P.
Dorn, Rozella M.
Dorsey, Bernard O.
Dorsey, Lois G.
Dotson, Lewis C.
Dotson, Mangus
Dotson, Nancy D.
Dotson, Wilmer H.
Doty, Kathryn E.
Double Tree Farms
Dougherty, Marguerit B.
Douglas, Mark A.
Dove, Francene J.
Dovicsak, Jim A.
Dow, Betty M.
Dow, Debra J.
Dow, Kathy L.
Dow, Patricia A.
Dowczek, William
Dowdy's Country Store
Dowler, K. A.
Downey, Brenda J.
Downey, Gerald F.
Downs, Cody A.
Downs, Kelly
Downy, Charles R.
Dr. R. Thomas & Assoc.
Dragony, Elizabeth M.
Dragus, Ruth B.
Dragway 42
Drake, Betty
Drake, Betty W.
Drake, Edward A.
Drake, Michael D.
Dreger, Sheila M.
Dreiman, Van
Drennan, Dean M.
Drew, Dan H.
Drews, Robert W. Jr
Driver, Roger A.
Driver, William L.
Drnak, David D.
Dronsfield, David E.
Drossis, Darrell J.
Druckemiller, Fritz
Drummond, Phyllis L.
Du, Bois Debora L.
Du, Bose Lewis T.
Dubois, Paul G.
Duck, Craig R.
Ducu, Aurel
Dudte, Karen D.
Dudte, R Thomas
Duelley, Daniel G.
Duff, Terry M. Jr
Duffield, Ford G.
Duffield, Thomas L.
Duffy, Jackie
Duffy, Michael S.
Duffy, William R.
Dugger, Loretta
Duke, Janice M.
Dull, Edward
Dumont, Eddie
Dumouchelle, Marlene
Dunbar, Beverly S.
Dunbar, Charles L.
Duncan, Joann L.
Duncan, Sara L.
Duncan, Shannon L.
Dunderman, Anita A.
Dunham, Terry R.
Dunn, Frances B.
Dunn, John J.
Dunn, Richard J.
Dunstan, Daniel G.
Duong, Cantu T.
Duplaga, Stan E.
Durham, Timothy S.
Durica, Bridget A.
Durkee, Dorothy J.
Durkee, Thomas L.
Durrell, Dwight D.
Dutch Valley Homes
Dutter, Michael R.
Duv, Energy
Duval, Emily M.
Dwight, Brian P.
Dybo, Gloria
Dydek, Josh E.
Dydek, Scott A.
Dye, Harold D.
Dyer, Karen
Dykes, Harry
Dymo, Oil Corp
Dziak, Michael J. Sr
Dzurinda, Joe
E & B Flea Market
Eagle Crest Golf Course
Eagle, Mary
Eagle, Tony L.
Eakes, Gary O.
Eakins, Jane M.
Eakle, Kevin W.
Earls, Allen B.
Earls, Leona L.
Early Childhood Campus
Early, Randy
Eary, Lucy M.
Easterling, Lisa M.
Eastern Oh Petroleum
Eastman, Elden E. Jr
Eaton Auto Wrecking
Eaton, Bobbie
Eaton, David W.
Eaton, John C.
Eaves, Rhonda S.
Ebeling, Debra J.
Eberhardt, Sabrina A.
Ebosh, Joy L.
Ebosh, Lester A. Sr
Eckenrode, Jeffrey P.
Ecker Real Estate Co.
Eckerman, Emily C.
Eckert, Earl E.
Eckert, Robert W.
Eckley, James
Eckroth, John F. Jr
Ed Clark Builders Inc.
Eddie, Bauer
Eddie, Charles R.
Eddy, Theodore R.
Eden, Nathan A.
Edgell, Brian S.
Edstrom, Thelma M.
Edwards, Bruce A.
Edwards, D'Arcy A.
Edwards, Eugene C.
Edwards, Heidi L.
Edwards, Howard C.
Edwards, Jeff D.
Edwards, Kay L.
Edwards, Lethel
Edwards, Marjorie
Edwards, Michael M.
Edwards, Richard E.
Edwards, Richard J.
Edwards, Tracy E.
Edwards, W. Lenore
Edwards, Willard L.
Eggeman, Edward L.
Eggers, Mark W.
Eglin, Phyllis M.
Ehrbar, Philip M.
Ehrenberg, Robert E.
Ehrnreiter, Bruce W.
Eiben, Hubert W.
Eichelberger, Carl H.
Eichelberger, Ray V.
Eidam, Henry
Elbert, Clifford
Elchesen, Frank W.
Eldridge, Shirley
Elerick, Debra J.
Elfers, Kelley
Elite, Excavating
Elite, Realty
Elkin, Roy L. Sr
Elkins, William G.
Ellam, Theresa
Eller, Jason E.
Elliott, Arlene R.
Elliott, George C.
Elliott, George F. Sr
Elliott, Harold R.
Elliott, Heather L.
Elliott, Hubert J.
Elliott, Marilyn
Ellis, Jared R.
Ellis, Willie C.
Elmore, James L.
Elswick, Kelli
Elswick, Lena M.
Elswick, Sonny
Elwell, Michael S.
Elwell, Patricia
Elwood, Lois M.
Emary, Bryan E.
Emerald, Builders
Emerick, Daniel J.
Emerson, Ada H.
Emerson, Charles E.
Emerson, Jack L.
Emery, Allen S.
Emmons, Marjorie L.
Emory, Tonya M.
Enderby, Gary J.
Engelhardt, Hayley M.
England, Nadine J.
Engle, John H.
Engler, Virginia K.
Englund, Carl
Ennemoser, Leo R.
Ennis, Logan F.
Enright, Ann
Ensign, Dan W.
Ensminger, Bill R.
Epsilon Five Capital LLC
Equity One Mortgage
Erazo, Narciso
Erdman, E John
Erie Oil & Gas Co.
Erikson, Arild
Erion, Jana
Erminio, Debbie
Erminio, Vince
Erswell, Earl L.
Erswell, Linda A.
Eslinger, Dorothy
Essenmacher, Eric J.
Estep, Benjamin E.
Estep, Jim D.
Estep, Mildred
Estepp, Sean M.
Estes, Jennifer L.
Etzwiler, Brady S.
Eucker, Laura F.
Euga, Irene
Eustace, Kimberly A.
Evanish, Rachelle R.
Evans, Carl S.
Evans, Christoph P.
Evans, Corina N.
Evans, David R.
Evans, Erna L.
Evans, Faye E.
Evans, Gertrude
Evans, Glenn R. Jr
Evans, Jack
Evans, James F.
Evans, James L.
Evans, Jerry J.
Evans, Robert L.
Evans, Thomas L. Jr
Evener, Charles E.
Everett, Grace
Everett, Marie E.
Evilsizer, Ron A.
Evilsizer, Sherry
Ewell, Dennis E.
Ezell, Doris L.
Ezell, William L.
F C Properties
Faber, Jody J.
Fagen, Patrick C.
Fagen, William A.
Fair, Rodney J.
Fairbanks, Richard L.
Fairman, C. E.
Fairman, Richard J.
Faith Victory Center
Falatic, Kevin R.
Falk, Jennifer
Family, Care Center
Family, Ministries
Fann Lee Croft Inc.
Fannie Mae
Fannie Mae/Ecova
Fanous, Mohsen H.
Farberware Outlet Store
Farkosh, George A.
Farley, Jason A.
Farley, Rita F.
Farm Credit
Farm Service Agency
Farmer Boy Restaurant
Farmer, Brenda K.
Farmer, Edna
Farmer, Gary W.
Farmers Meat Market
Farmers State Bank
Farnsworth, Doug W.
Farnsworth, Gary A.
Farnsworth, Louise F.
Farr, Albert H.
Farrar, Amanda A.
Farrell, James P.
Farrell, Patrick T.
Fas-Ahm, Utilites LLC
Fashing, Charles R.
Fast & Fun Atv LLC
Faulkner, Cindy A.
Faulkner, Karen S.
Faust, Heather
Favazzo, Michelle L.
Fayer, Ronald J.
Fayerae-Cinna Monster
Fazekas, Leslie
Feather, William
Febel, Raymond A.
Fechko, John E.
Fechko, Michael
Fedak, Betty H.
Federal+B2086, Housing Adm
Federowicz, John T.
Fedo, Stephen
Fehlan, R & R.
Fehribach, George
Feldy, Gerald M.
Felices, Mark R.
Fell, Sharon S.
Felton, Mary H.
Fenstermaker, Darrel
Fenwick, James E.
Fenwick, Marvin C.
Fenzl, Edward D.
Ferber, William H.
Ference, Basil
Ferencz, Joseph M.
Ferguson, April M.
Ferguson, Daniel W.
Ferguson, Frank D.
Ferguson, Ollney R.
Ferguson, Rick L.
Ferguson, Tina L.
Fern, Shelby J.
Ferner, Alexis A.
Fernholz, Don C.
Ferreira, Shawn
Ferrier, P R.
Ferrier, Patty
Ferry, David A.
Fertal, Kathy M.
Fesco, Frank V.
Fetzer, Andy C.
Fetzer, Bill M. II
Fetzer, Ted R.
Fiala, Allison D.
Fiala, Robert R.
Fieg, John F.
Fields, Malcolm
Fife, Ethel K.
Fife, Lester
Fife, Ronald J.
Fifth Third Bank
Fifty-Eight Twister
Figgers, David E.
Fijalkovich, David J.
Filiaggi, Terri L.
Filson, John E.
Financial Freedom Acquisition
Fincham, Joseph E.
Findish, Lawrence R.
Findley Pk. Concession
Fink, Janet M.
Fink, Richard I.
Fink, Roger C.
Finkel, Diana L.
Finkel, Randall S.
Finley, Floyd
Finley, Lorin L.
Finowski, Kevin A.
Fior, Harry
Firelands Security Mgmt.
Fireman's Fund Corp.
Firestone, David K.
First Club Of Cleve Inc.
First Fed Of Akron
First Fed Of Medina
First Fed Of Willoughby
First Fed Of Wooster
First Federal
First Investment Co.
First Merit Corporation
First Merit Mortgage Corp.
First Nationwide Bank
First Nationwide Mtg Corp.
Fischer, Jerry M.
Fischer, Mrs G.
Fish, Margaret C.
Fish, Stephanie T.
Fishbaugh, Brad S.
Fishburn, Thomas C.
Fisher, Allison M.
Fisher, Andrew J.
Fisher, April D.
Fisher, Charles T.
Fisher, Curtis K.
Fisher, Ernest F.
Fisher, Howard R.
Fisher, Robert F.
Fisher, Robert L.
Fisher, Robert R.
Fisher, Scott J.
Fisher, William E.
Fisk, Carl W.
Fisk, Donna M.
Fitch, John H.
Fite, Robert
Fitzgerald, Christine K.
Fitzgerald, George T.
Fitzgerald, Zennith R.
Fitzpatrick, Michael
Fitzpatrick, Thomas S. Jr
Five Star Waterproofing
Flagstar, Bank
Flanigan, Jacquelin E.
Fleck, Ned
Fleeman, Veronica
Fleming, Betsy L.
Fleming, Don L.
Fleming, Dorothea J.
Fletcher, Dottie M.
Flinn, Darlene M.
Flory, M. J.
Flow And Grow
Flowers, G. M.
Flowers, Janice M.
Floyd, Krista A.
Floyd, William M.
Flynn, Cornelius G.
Flynn, Thomas K.
Foam King Industries
Focht, David M. Jr
Fogle, Galen J.
Foglesong, Michelle L.
Foky, Larry K.
Folley, Roy L. Jr
Foltz, Robert D.
Fontaine, Jean P.
Fonte, Joann
Foran, Gordon E.
Forbush, Michael A.
Ford, Charlee J.
Ford, Donald A.
Ford, Jennifer L.
Ford, Lori
Ford, Ronald E.
Ford's Truck Service
Foreid, Dale L.
Foreman, Andrew J.
Foreman, Michael R.
Forgues, Rhonda
Foringer, Kari E.
Forrider, Christine A.
Forster, Phillip
Forster, Robert C.
Forthofer, Gregory J.
Fortin, Scott E.
Fortner, Charles H.
Fortner, Edith
Fortney, Brandon M.
Fortune, Rose M.
Foster, Elva L.
Foster, Ethel
Foster, Karen
Foster, Lynn S.
Foster, Randy L.
Foster, Robert
Foster, Robert S.
Foulk, William H. Jr
Foulkrod, Dennis L.
Fowdon, Gerald E.
Fox, Dana J.
Fox, Estel
Fox, James W.
Fox, Russell C.
Fox, Steven K.
Fraam Investment
Frabotta, Dorothy F.
Fraelick, Robert I.
Fraley, Betty L.
Fraley, Janet M.
Fraley, William B.
Frambach, Elwin
Frambach, Zachary
Frames, Treeva L.
Franchester Farms Ltd